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Master Plan

To develop and present a master plan for the St. Benedict campus that includes evaluating and responding to space requirements for office, meeting and worship space; and evaluating and creating ways to incorporate the St. Benedict campus with that of our school, St. John Bosco.

Faith and Discipleship

To recommend and institute ways to enhance every Catholic’s spiritual journey and to establish opportunities to share God’s word that results in a better understanding of our Catholic faith.

Effective Communication

To develop and present a comprehensive communication plan that includes all media in order to ensure that our parishioners and our community receive clear and accurate information in a timely manner.

Develop Vibrant Ministries for All

To evaluate the effectiveness of existing ministries at St. Benedict, and to consider and develop new ministries that will satisfy the spiritual, physical, and any other needs of our parishioners and community members.

Get Involved

If one of the above goals and its accompanying committee are of interest to you, please contact the parish office for more information.

Master Plan, Eamonn Ahearne

Faith and Discipleship, Nadine Condon

Effective Communication, tba

Vibrant Ministries, Charlie Schifano