We would like thank all of our parishioners who took the time to provide their thoughts and ideas for our new church. The style results are:

Cruciform                                69%
Basilica                                    10%
Modified Basilica                   12%
Other                                         9%

A sample of the suggestions received include:

“A simple, welcoming worship space with lower ceilings, a cry room, pews with kneelers, stain glass, devotional areas, projection of the words, a good sound system, natural light, a Baptismal font in front, electronic outside bells, confessionals, wide main aisle for funerals, doors between Narthex and worship space for noise control, gift store, shaded courtyard, building inspired by the progressive/welcoming spirit of Saint Benedict parishioners, a 24-hour access Chapel for adoration, small weddings/funerals private meditation, a prayer garden.”

This is only a sample of the feedback that we received. Now the hard work begins. The Building Committee and the Architects will take the input from parishioners, and the information from the site visits, and begin the detailed design of our church. We are targeting the design process to last throughout the summer. This process also includes the review, and approval, of various committees at the Diocese.

If you have any questions or comments, contact Bob Prezkop