We have opportunities for all of your children and teens to learn more about and engage with their Catholic faith. Now is the time to give your child the gift of knowledge in their faith.


Register for the 2016-2017 school year and give your child a good foundation in faith while encouraging them to develop their relationship with God.

Registering now also helps us plan for the year and ensure we have enough volunteer catechists.

Top 5 reasons to enroll your child in Religious Education programs:

  1. I want my children to have friends at church.
  2. I want our family to be part of a strong Tradition and Caring Community.
  3. I can’t do this alone. There is so much to know about the Catholic Church!
  4. That hour of quiet each week is a gift to my own spirituality.
  5. I want my child to have a strong relationship with God.


Session Times

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Level I (ages 3-6) will be held:

  • Sunday mornings from 9:00am-10:15am (SESSION FULL – Contact Heather Mooney to be added to wait list)
  • Wednesday afternoons from 1:30pm-2:45pm

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Level II (ages 6-9) will be held:

  • Sunday mornings from 10:30am-noon (SESSION FULL – Contact Heather Mooney to be added to wait list)
  • Monday afternoons from 4:00pm-5:15pm (SESSION FULL – Contact Heather Mooney to be added to wait list)

Journey of Faith (grades K-5) and JAM (grades 6-8) will be held:

  • Tuesday evenings from 6:00pm-7:15pm

EPIC (High School) will be held:

  • Sunday evenings from 6:15pm-8:00pm

Program Information

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (Levels I and II) 

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd is based on a Montessori style learning environment. Classes are held in a room called the Atrium and incorporate hands-on activities to enable your children to learn about their faith in a story-driven, self-directed, spiritual environment.

Visit the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd homepage
Journey of Faith (Grades K-5)

Journey of Faith is a grade level based learning environment that uses workbooks, crafts, skits, and interactive online content to engage your children as they continue their Journey with Christ. As a group, children and their Catechists join together to discuss scripture, tradition, and teachings of the Catholic church. We offer programs for Kindergartners through 5th grade.

Visit the Journey of Faith homepage
JAM – JAM, short for “Jesus and Me” is our middle school youth ministry program. JAM implements service events, social nights, catechetical nights, and life issue discussions to teach about the Catholic Church.

Visit the JAM homepage
EPIC – EPIC stands for “Eucharist, Prayer, Intercession, and Community” and is our high school youth ministry program. Service, social events, catechetical teachings, and life issue discussions are incorporated to bring teens closer to Christ.

Visit the EPIC homepage