Baptism is the first step in our initiation into the mystery of Christ’s death and resurrection. It incorporates us into a community of faith-the Body of Christ, the Church. Baptism celebrates the faith that transforms the lives of the parents and of the community, a faith that is shared by word and example with the newly baptized infant. Parents must understand clearly the Christian meaning of Baptism, and must choose freely to celebrate the sacrament as being a time of growth in their own relationship with God and the Christian community.  The Parish of St. Benedict congratulates you on the birth of your child.  We ask that Parents be a registered member of the parish for at least three months before requesting the sacrament of baptism.

The next step is the baptismal interview. During this meeting, parents will reflect on the meaning of baptism. Do we take seriously the promises made in the baptism liturgy? How are we living our lives as good Catholic Christians and how can we improve? We are then able to arrange a date for preparation and baptism. Baptisms are scheduled monthly according to the liturgical year and are generally celebrated during the liturgy.  Call Sr. Colleen to schedule an interview.


January 6, February 3, March 3, May 5, June 2, August 4, October 6 & November 3


For Baptism, one sponsor is all that is necessary. However, the people’s tradition is to have two sponsors (godparents); one of which must be sixteen years old, fully initiated,(having received Baptism, Confirmation and Communion) and a practicing Catholic. If two sponsors are chosen it is recommended that one be male and one female.  Please consider carefully who you choose to be your child’s sponsor. We ask that the sponsor/s bring a letter of good standing from their parish and/or attend the baptism sessions with the parents.

The responsibility of the sponsors is to walk with the parents and the child through their faith journey, maintain a close relationship with the child and perhaps commemorate the anniversary of their Baptism with a card or small gift.