The Sacrament of Confirmation is a special moment in a person’s life where the Bishop, a representative of Jesus, calls upon the Holy Spirit to strengthen that person’s faith life.

The Sacrament of First Communion enables our children to become one with God and the church at the Eucharistic meal just as we become one with each other at family meals.

At the Parish of St. Benedict, we approach preparation for these sacraments as a family affair – helping families grow in understanding of their faith and how to live out that faith within their community.

Registration Information

Registration Held at Mandatory Parent Meeting:

  • Tuesday, September 27th, 6:00 – 7:00pm in SJB Library
  • If new to the parish, please bring a copy of your child’s Baptismal Certificate.
  • Child must already be enrolled in a St. Benedict Faith Formation program and must have completed at least one full year of Faith Formation before preparation begins.
  • There is a Sacrament Materials Fee of $25

Contact David Rees for registration information.

If new to the parish, please have a copy of your teen’s Baptismal Certificate ready.
Teen must already be enrolled in a St. Benedict Faith Formation program.
Sacrament materials fee included in Faith Formation registration fee.

Program Preparation Components

This Sacramental preparation program is family-focused. The components of the preparation are as follows:

  • Home-study with the family in First Communion Book
  • Multi-family group meetings that focus on Confirmation
  • One Retreat
  • Service Component
Classes are TBD. Contact David Rees.

2016-2017 Schedule

Mandatory Confirmation/Eucharist Retreat for all Kids/Teens preparing for Sacraments:

2016-2017 date TBD

Service Component:

Family Service Saturday — March 25th, 2017

A small team of parishioners will help plan Family Service Saturday for our community. Multiple hands-on service opportunities will be available in the SJB MPR so that families can discover some of the various ways we are called to actively live out our faith in our community. Please mark your calendars for this drop-in event!

Each child will need to submit a Service Project Reflection sheet to the Faith Formation Office (see link to form below).

Rehearsal for Confirmation/First Eucharist Mass:

2017 date TBD

Confirmation/First Eucharist Mass:

2017 date TBD

Confirmation Information and Forms

Important Forms:

Service Reflection Worksheet

Saint Report

Frequently Asked Questions

A sponsor must be at least sixteen years old, fully initiated and a practicing Catholic. It is important you choose a sponsor who can help guide your child in the Catholic faith.

If the child’s sponsor cannot be present, a proxy may stand in for them.

No. Parents already have the most important role in the life of their children as they guide and raise them in their faith. The responsibility of the sponsor is to walk closely with you and support you and your child.

The bishops suggest that the most appropriate name for confirmation is the one with which you were baptized. If your child would like to choose another name, it should be the name of a biblical person or Saint with whom they connect and would like to model.

Yes if you are already active as an EME at the Parish of St. Benedict. We will try to accommodate as many people as possible and will let you know when you are scheduled.

Girls may wear white or pastel dresses (like Easter dresses). If you have a tradition in your family of wearing a veil, feel free to continue the tradition. Currently, most girls wear flowers and/or ribbons in their hair. The Bishop prefers that the girl’s shoulders are covered in respect and reverence of the celebration.

Boys may wear suits or dark pants and white/pastel shirts, a tie (or not) as long as it is comfortable for them to do so. Dark shoes, even if they are of the athletic style, are appropriate.

Your child and his or her Confirmation sponsor will be seated with your immediate family (parents and siblings). We will try to accommodate other guests in your reserved row, but your guests may be asked to find seats in the non-reserved sections of the church that day.

– Attend every Multi-Family Group meeting
– Attend Confirmation/Eucharist retreat
– Complete a Service Project and submit a Service Reflection (link found above)
– Choose a Confirmation Sponsor and invite them to the Mass
– Attend Confirmation/First Eucharist Mass!

– Complete the We Believe & Celebrate First Communion Book together with your child
– Attend Confirmation/Eucharist retreat
– Bring First Communion Book to retreat to be checked
– Attend Confirmation/First Eucharist Mass!

Have questions? We are here to help.

For questions about your child’s (3rd-5th grade) preparation, please contact our Children’s Faith Formation Coordinator.

For questions about your teen’s (6th-12th grade) preparation, please contact David Rees.