Parish Ministry Fair

10-06-2019Weekly ReflectionFr. James Aboyi

Dear Parishioners,

The Ministry Fair weekend is here at last! We have all been working so hard, planning and preparing for this weekend through the year. I am so excited and looking forward to the fun after all the Masses this weekend. The overall goal of the Ministry Fair is not to just showcase our ministries, but to provide opportunities for everyone to get involved in the different ministries they feel called to join. Every Catholic is called to participate in building God’s Church through our services in different ministries. Everyone has different talents and something to contribute to the growth of the parish community. The Ministry Fair gives us the opportunity to know what ministries we have available and what each ministry does.

We are blessed with four new ministries for a total of 36 ministries participating in the Ministry Fair this year. We have ministries for everyone from children to adults. I am particularly happy and thank all the children who have responded to the needs of our parish community by their involvement in the Hospitality Ministry, Altar Servers, Religious Education programs and Youth Choir. We are looking forward to introducing more new ministries soon to meet the needs of our growing community. Please come and share with me if you feel called to start a new ministry in our parish.

Many thanks to Jay Iole, Chettie Dodson and the members of the Ministry Fair Planning Committee for their effective planning strategies and personal sacrifices they made to make the event successful. I appeal to everyone to please take some time after Mass to visit and support each ministry. If you are already involved in any ministry in the parish, I would still like to encourage you to visit and become familiar with how other parishioners are serving the community in their ministries. Invite your family members, friends or neighbors to consider signing up for a ministry in our parish!

Our Gospel reading today is timely. It echoes the key word that is at the heart of our ministry fair: “Service.” We are told the disciples asked Jesus to “increase our faith!” After explaining the power of faith that could move the mulberry tree, Jesus gave them a parable of a dutiful servant. Jesus used this parable to draw their attention to the connection between faith and service. Our faith is increased by serving others, not by being served. When we isolate ourselves from the Church community, we lose our faith. But when we put our faith into practice by serving one another, we not only grow in our faith but we also make the Church community grow, transforming the world around us.

Thank you and Remain Blessed.

Fr. James