November 18

11-18-2022Church Building Update

Concrete was poured at the lower level of the Sanctuary which allowed the mason to begin their work in that area.

The mason continues to progress extremely well. The bell tower is 16 feet away from reaching the top of the tower. In addition, work continues on the south side arches and the north side entry. Also, the Sanctuary area is beginning to rise out of the ground.


November 11

11-11-2022Church Building Update

Concrete has been poured for the elevated cry room and ramp, along with the floor of the Narthex where the footings have been installed. The floor of the choir loft and the stairs have been poured in preparation of the final flooring. Next week the lower Sanctuary is scheduled to be poured, including the ramp to the Sanctuary. The north transept is also scheduled to be poured.

The mason continues with the construction. The bell tower is at a current height of 40 feet, with 34 more feet to be added. The masonary work on the west end to enclose the building will continue as the concrete areas are poured.


November 4

11-04-2022Church Building Update

The mason is completing the north expansion for the elevator and the new north restrooms. The tower is scheduled to be topped-off by the end of next week. The west expansion began with the walls of the south transept.

Concrete is scheduled to be poured for the Sacristies, the north transept and the first step of the Sanctuary. When this is completed the mason will continue his work on the west end expansion The second pour will be the steps to the Sanctuary, followed by a third pour for the floor of the Sanctuary.


October 28

10-28-2022Church Building Update

The masons continue moving forward on the bell tower, the elevator, north restroom areas and the east arches.

The concrete sub was scheduled to do a major pour on Wednesday, October 26, but has rescheduled us to November 4. This delay is due to a surge of concrete demand from the Intel and the Taiwan semiconductor facility construction projects. The General Contractor is analyzing the schedule to see how we can make up for the lost time.


October 21

10-21-2022Church Building Update

The masons continue with their great progress. The northside elevator shaft and the restroom area should be completed mid next week. The bell tower should be completed by the end of the following week. The tower block work will top out at 72 feet. The arches on the eastside of the building are being completed.

The choir loft iron work is complete with the metal decking completed by mid next week. At the end of next week we anticipate a concrete pour for the completion of the flooring of the choir loft. After the choir loft pour, the first concrete pour of the Sanctuary and the Sacristy should begin.


October 14

10-14-2022Church Building Update

The masons continue the work on the elevator area, the arches and the bell tower. Every four (4) feet up on the elevator shaft and the bell tower requires a City inspection. This causes the team to rotate between the 2 areas to keep the areas moving.

The choir loft steelwork should be completed by early next week, then the area will be decked and the rebar will be installed for the concrete to be poured. Once the steel work is completed and the large equipment is removed from inside the building, the work on pouring the slab for the west end of the building will begin. This will require multiple pours as we create the height required for the Sanctuary.


October 7

10-07-2022Church Building Update

The masons are on their third lift for the tower and elevator construction. The north arch entry is in the process of being completed.

The south side sewer is in. The north side sewer is ready for inspection. The plumber will start on installing the new major fire line feeder pipe next week.

At 6:00am on Monday the final steel for the mezzanine will be delivered. By the end of next week we should have a mezzanine steel structure.