August 12

08-12-2022Church Building Update

The rain impacted the installation of the stem walls. We anticipate the stem walls to be completed by Tuesday. The underground plumbing should be installed next week, depending on the weather. The underground electrical is scheduled for the following week, also depending on the weather.

The storm drainage solution going under the driveway between the main building and the Annex buildings did not hit the targeted plan of being completed prior to the start of school. This was due to supply chain delays. The material is now in. As not to impact the school's car pool lanes, this work will be done during the Christmas break, starting Dec 19.


August 5

08-05-2022Church Building Update

After the rain storm of July 28, there was up to 3 feet of water and mud in many of the footings. The water was pumped out of the footings and the mud was hand shoveled in preparation for the concrete to be poured. The masons were able to begin the installation of the foundation layer of the block before the second rain storm hit. The masons will continue laying block after the footings are pumped out again. The good news: most of the footings had concrete poured into them prior to the second storm hitting.


July 29

07-29-2022Church Building Update

The rebar is being installed for the south transept, the north restrooms, the elevator shaft area and the back of the new Sanctuary. The block is scheduled to arrive on Friday. Footings to be completed by Monday, concrete to be poured starting Tuesday, mason is scheduled to start on Wednesday, and the catch basin for the east drain is scheduled to arrive on August 6th.

As we were in our construction meeting, a heavy rain storm hit St. Benedict. The footing trenches had 3 feet of water in them. This could impact the above schedule. The footings will need to be inspected prior to the concrete being poured.


July 22

07-22-2022Church Building Update

Currently, the footings are being dug for the new restrooms and the elevator on the northeast side of the building. Rebar is being installed to be followed by city inspection. We are anticipating concrete to be poured by Thursday, July 28. At the same time, work is occurring inside the building. The concrete flooring has been removed to allow for the foundational support for the stairs to the choir loft on the southeast corner and the elevated cry room on the northeast corner. Working with the HVAC subcontractor, the GC team has been able to update our HVAC solution to reduce costs for St Benedict. We still do not have a delivery date for the drainage supplies that are needed. This could impact our scheduled plumbing start-date. We will continue to work with the plumbing subcontractor to get the product in.


July 15

07-15-2022Church Building Update

Great news! The concrete work began ahead of schedule! Last Monday for the layout of the footings, Tuesday for the digging of the footings, and for the next three weeks will be the work on the footings for the extensions. We now have a tentative date for the underground items that we have been waiting for. On Monday, July 25 the construction crew will begin on the drainage work that will impact the road between the main building and the Annex buildings. The goal is to complete this work prior to the start of school on Wednesday, August 10. If there is a chance of impacting this date there is a plan to develop a roadway around (behind) the Annex buildings, so the school traffic flow will not be impacted.

July 8

07-08-2022Church Building Update

The necessary surveying of the extensions and the internal rooms has been completed. The underground utility work is delayed while waiting for the materials to come in. The general contractor is working to expedite the installation of the customized manhole needed for the extension of the drainage work. This will require the driveway in front of the Annex buildings to be excavated. The goal is to complete this prior to the start of school. The general contractor met with the HVAC sub to investigate moving an air handler which would simplify the duct work necessary for the choir loft. This change will provide St Benedict some additional savings. A week ago on Saturday the grading company hit the power and communication lines which go to the Annex buildings. Power was temporarily restored within 2 hours. The permanent power line repair was installed Wednesday morning. We were asked to contact our A/V sub to pull the communication cables into the Annex which restored all internet and telephones. The general contractor provided a Verizon HotSpot so the staff could access the internet during repairs. Next the construction work will focus on laying out the choir loft, identifying the location of the required footings and saw cutting the existing concrete.

July 1

07-01-2022Church Building Update

The grading and extension pads are completed. We are scheduling the surveyor next week to lay out the external building lines and internal walls. The general contractor is trying to get the concrete sub to come before his August planned date to do the footings of the extensions. We requested to move the storm drain extension segment to July, ahead of the start of school, as this work will impact the area in front of the Annex building and the traffic flow for school pick up.