August 4

08-04-2023Church Building Update

The architect and the City Inspector appear to be close in resolving the outstanding issue that has been delaying part of the west end of the building. Once the City Inspector approves this issue, we can understand the final impact on the construction schedule and budget. We have not been paying the architect since spring based on errors that one of the new employees made on this project that has impacted our schedule and our cost. We have had the senior management of the architect company on the project team to get this resolved. The delay has impacted our schedule and our cost. Once resolved we will understand where we stand.


June 30

06-30-2023Church Building Update

The westside Crucifix was installed this week. The West End inspection will be next week. We continue to have an issue with the fasteners in the soffit wall / load bearing wall. The structural engineer and the City Inspector see this in opposite directions which is impacting the schedule. The team continues to work to resolve the issue.


June 23

06-23-2023Church Building Update

The final application of the EFIS coat of stucco is in progress. Bell tower should be completed soon. The team of workers are moving from the north side of the building to the west side. The brick veneer is scheduled to begin soon. The sheetrock is making progress: choir loft area, restroom, and north side staircase are done with the narthex, cry room and transept being worked upon. The new 20-ton A/C units will ship October 10 with the existing A/C units being utilized until they arrive.


June 16

06-16-2023Church Building Update

The exterior doors and window frames have been installed. The final coat of EFIS is being applied to the bell tower. Interior drywall has begun to be installed. The new Ambo is complete. A special thank you to our parishioner, Frank Polimene of Arizona Custom Solutions, for donating the material, his talent and his time for creating such a beautiful piece of work. The first stained-glass window was installed: the exterior 6-foot stained-glass of St. Benedict was installed on the west-end of the building. It will be covered with plywood to protect it as the west-end is completed. Our 7-foot carved marble statue of St. Benedict is on his way from the art studio. The statue will be placed in the exterior front (west side) of the building. He will be positioned on a 2-foot marble pedestal.


June 9

06-09-2023Church Building Update

You may have noticed that the west wall has not moved forward for a while. Many discussions have been going on about a structural issue. The architect and structural engineer continue to carve away concerns that the inspector has. Will continue to make progress with the inspector.


June 2

06-02-2023Church Building UpdateBob Prezkop

I would like to thank everyone who prayed for me. I am happy to say I am gradually gaining my strength back.

As you can see the first coat of stucco is being applied to the building. Interior framing is progressing well. Framing has begun in the Chapel.

The office remodel is coming to completion. The staff will not be allowed in their offices as it is still in the construction phase. Their furniture will be moved back into the offices, freeing up a storage container.


May 12

05-12-2023Church Building Update

All of the flat roofs have been insulated and sealed with foam.

The scaffold for applying the stucco is done, except for the west end, which is waiting for City inspector approval.

The inside insulation has started, which will be followed by sheetrock, then texturing, paint and then the tile floor, The Nave will then be ready for the pews which are scheduled to arrive on August 11.


May 5

05-05-2023Church Building Update

Much of the recent work has been on the inside of the structure.

The framing of the interior walls is scheduled to be completed this week.

The foaming sealant of the flat roofs is scheduled from May 4 through May 11.


April 21

04-21-2023Church Building Update

The west wall is approaching its completion. Decking is targeted for next week. New roof coating will be applied above the offices. This will dry the office area in and work can resume on completing the office upgrades

The interior work continues with the A/C mechanical team and the installation of the wall studs.

The first attempt of lifting the bell tower roof was not successful. The crane reached its safety limits, so the lift had to be rescheduled for next week with a larger crane.


April 21

04-21-2023Church Building Update

A video of lifting of the roof onto the top of the church bell tower.