Catholic Schools Week Concludes

02-04-2022Weekly Flocknote MessageFr. James Aboyi, VC

Congratulations to our St. John Bosco School and St. Benedict community for a very successful Catholic Schools Week celebration. The celebration started last Sunday and ended today with an outdoor Mass. All the events went well as planned. The high points of the week were the Field Day on Tuesday, Open House on Wednesday, with the climax being the celebration of the Feast of St. John Bosco with a special play about his life presented by the 5th graders on Thursday and the beautiful outdoor Mass today. The original feast day for St. John Bosco is January 31st, but we celebrated it today as our closing event for the week.

Please visit the school website and social media to view the photos and videos of the events and activities.

I thank the students, staff, parents, school board members, Dad’s Club and the entire school community for their contribution that made the celebration very successful.

First Reconciliation

Please join me in praying for our children who will be making their First Reconciliation tomorrow, Saturday, February 5th. Last Saturday, 43 students and their families participated in a retreat in preparation for irst Reconciliation. Please note! Only the candidates for First Reconciliation and their families will have their reconciliation at the St. John Bosco campus. Our regular weekly reconciliation will be held as usual at 8:30am in ANNEX 1, opposite the main Church.

Construction Update From the Building Committee

We received our Salvage permit. This permit identifies which trees that we must save and protect during construction. It also identifies which trees and bushes must be removed. The team is continuing working on obtaining the grading and demolition permits.

As part of the demolition permit process an asbestos inspection must be completed. The inspector was on site this week. He took 31 samples which will be submitted to the lab for detailed analysis. Based on his experience he did tell us that the samples looked free of asbestos, but we must wait for the lab report. We continue working with the City to obtain the construction permit.

Any questions please let Bob Prezkop know via his email address,