September 30

09-30-2022Church Building UpdateBob Prezkop

We will end the month of September with great activity at the construction site. With the leadership of our General Contractor, Double AA, we end the month on schedule. Currently, our target completion is September 2023. As we get closer we will refine this date.

Imagine celebrating our future Masses in this building. The pictures you can take of your family’s celebration of Baptism, Confirmation and Marriage. The children of St. John Bosco will attend Mass and receive their Sacraments in this beautiful building. It is becoming a reality for us!


They Have Moses and The Prophets, Let Them Listen to Them.

09-25-2022Weekly ReflectionFr. Manasseh Iorchir, VC

We often think of sin as the evil that we do, the uncharitable words that we say and the evil thoughts that we cultivate in our hearts. What we leave out most times is the good that is within our competence, which we know, yet fail to do. When we attempt an examination of conscience, the failings that readily come to mind are the things we did which our good conscience rightly judges as inconsistent with Divine precepts and so, offensive to His Holy will and to our neighbor.


September 23

09-23-2022Church Building Update

The mason has installed the lip on the northside expansion. The construction crew will address the southside lip on Friday. Inspection is scheduled for Monday.

Work continues on closing the existing door and window openings that are no longer required. The saw-cutting for the new door and window openings should be completed by Monday. The underground duct work for the A/C to the Sanctuary has been installed. The ceilings in Father James' office and the break room have been removed to redirect the roof drainage system. A temporary wall has been installed in the existing doorway leading to the old restrooms. This wall is in preparation of the red wall and the double doors to be removed. Coming up, the plumber will begin digging the trench to reconnect the existing plumbing.


You Cannot Serve God and Mammon

09-18-2022Weekly ReflectionFr. Manasseh Iorchir, VC

The Readings this weekend prescribe for us the right attitude a Christian should have towards the acquisition of, and the disbursement of, wealth. The Prophet Amos, one of the champions of social justice in the Old Testament, offers a descriptive rendition of prevailing dishonest, arrogant and oppressive attitudes of the wealthy towards the needy.


September 16

09-16-2022Church Building Update

The construction team has worked hard to get us back on schedule after the rain and cleanup delays. The work for the week progressed well.

Concrete was poured on the north and south side areas. They saw cut a new door on the south side of the building, the second confessional, north windows, new entry to the electrical room and cleaned up a number of old openings. Old gas meter and main gas line (an 8 foot assembly) has been removed allowing for construction work to continue on the south side.


Rejoice With Me Because I Have Found My Lost Sheep

09-11-2022Weekly ReflectionFr. Manasseh Iorchir, VC

The world and time we live in makes a sincere practice of our Christian faith very difficult. We are surrounded by standards and ideas that facilitate easy fall into idolatry. The idols of our time include (but are not limited to) money, intellect, power, connections, family, the state, false religion, and even self. Whatever we are quick to ascribe our successes and accomplishments to, whatever we cannot do without, whatever we prioritize above everything else, is a candidate for the replacement of God in our lives.


September 9

09-09-2022Church Building Update

The ABC stone will be spread next week in preparation for pouring of the slabs. Concrete has been ordered for next Wednesday for pouring the slabs. Workers will be saw-cutting the east and west walls for the i-beams that will support the loft. The choir loft decking is 4 to 6 weeks out which may impact the pouring of the west slab. We need to allow the heavy equipment access to construct the loft infrastructure. The masonry on the north and south side of the buildings will commence after the slabs are poured. We will see the walls starting to go up.


A Reflection by Fr. Manasseh

09-04-2022Weekly ReflectionFr. Manasseh Iorchir, VC

Two Sundays ago, we heard Jesus admonishing His followers to enter the Kingdom of God through the narrow gate. By this, Jesus revealed that only the difficult and costly way of discipline can lead to eternal bliss. In the Gospel passage this weekend, Jesus teaches on the cost of discipleship, that is, what one would necessarily need to forego in order to successfully navigate life under the banner and standard of Jesus.


September 2

09-02-2022Church Building Update

The underground plumbing has been completed on the north side of the building. The City inspected the work and passed it. The remaining underground plumbing and electrical work continues.

By the end of next week the slabs should begin getting poured. The north and south areas will be first. The west side will be completed after the steel for the choir loft arrives and is installed. It will take an 8,000 pound forklift to lift the 4,000 pound beam.

There are no pictures this week as the visible work did not change.